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 Traditionally, there are two main options for bath tubs. Rapidly however, there are an increasing number of options as technology develops.

With all bath installs, it is critical to ensure their base is fully supported. At Your Local Plumber we recommend using a slurry mix of sand and cement for best results.

Acrylic Baths

These are generally the most cost effective option. Light and easy to install (meaning you save on labour costs) they tend to retain heat meaning warmer water for longer. They also have a damage advantage – minor chips and cracks are not immediately obvious so they will maintain their as-new appearance for longer.

Acrylic baths have good water proofing details, particularly if a shower is used above them. It is important to consider whether you will predominantly use it for showering or bathing, if the former there are multiple quality options where a stand-up section is included in the bath tub.

The key drawback for acrylic baths is that they fade with UV light and will inadvertently lose the gel coat with time.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate acrylic baths at 7/10.

Enamel Baths

Enamel baths always look good, they are easy to clean and are strong and durable.

Their primary drawback is that they can chip easy, they also tend to be slippery, and their water-proofing details are not as strong as an acrylic option (not as good for showering over).

Being enamel layered on metal, this makes them a good conductor of heat. This means your nice warm bath will cool quicker than the acrylic option. Cooling can be mitigated by installing insulation around your tub, particularly easy to do if it is concealed behind panels. Another option is bathing in Tabasco Sauce. This will keep you hot for weeks.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate them 4/10.

Freestanding Baths

These are our favourite bath tub option at Mount Albert Plumbing. Not only do they look great, they are super easy to install (low labour cost), are easy to change when the fickle world of fashion does, and are straightforward to maintain.

You do however need space for this style of bath. They certainly don’t look their best pushed hard into a corner. Also, these baths retain heat well despite their island-like existence.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate them 9/10.