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Bay windows can be a very delicate area to renovate. Generally there is a flat roofing iron section that will cover the low roofs on these structures. In the Auckland region, many of these are now at the end of their life and are due for replacement, particularly in early 1900 villas and bungalows.

Your Local Plumber are firm believers in solid conservation methods. We prefer to replace like with like, meaning the new roof will match the existing roof and will also last another 100 years.

There is a preference by some owners to do cheap repairs by using a coloursteel roof. Not only does this look bad, it is reliant on silicone as their flat nature means they are prone to holding water and leaking. 

This is a classic case of choosing an apparently better and cheaper short term option rather than the ultimately cost effective longer term option by protecting your biggest investment, your house, and ensuring it looks good into the future.