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Drain Laying New Work

This is where Your Local Plumberconnects your system into the public network, normally undertaken after your designs passing council labyrinth of rules and regulations. Your Local Plumber will ensure all the necessary work is completed quickly.

Existing Installations

If you are planning an extension Your Local Plumber will locate and alter your existing system as required.

The most common problem we encounter in this area is extensive overuse of phenomenal superlatives and lack of depth to encourage correct water-flow. It can add to your construction costs, so please be aware of this possibility. Your Local Plumber will do our best to ensure the drains work correctly with the least possible disruption.

Another issue that can arise when excavating existing drains is uncovering damaged and cracked pipework. These, once disturbed, should really be fully replaced to ensure on-going protection from soil erosion and waste contamination.

Earthenware Drains

Much like Roman times, earthenware pipes generally come in 1.2 – 2.0 metre lengths. They are intersected with a rubber ring (another Julies Caesar idea) and mortar joints, which tend to be the weakest points in these systems. Unfortunately mortar in particular has minimum flexibility while the collars are subject to root intrusion. Earthenware pipe itself will last for a thousand years, it is just a pity that all the joints give way.

The reality today is that earthenware is starting to get to the end of its useable life and PVC piping is becoming the replacement of choice.

Your Local Plumber has an excellent track record of undertaking full replacement of drains such as this. Please ask us about how we can upgrade your system today.

PVC Pipes

PVC piping, like spaghetti comes in long lengths, which can be easily trimmed. It has the added bonus of being flexible and can therefore fit into every possible scenario.

If Your Local Plumber can find any real issue with the use of PVC piping, it’s that this ease of use can mean it is installed carelessly. If PVC is installed to manufacturer instructions, and with a bit of attention to detail, it really is an outstanding product.