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LPG Hobs – 9kg bottle

This is the most practical way to install gas onto a property when mains supply is not available. A 9kg bottle will last a family of four people 3-4 months for cooking if used once a day.

Gas Hobs – 45kg bottle

Your Local Plumber feel this size is not worth the extra expense and effort to install. The bottle though should last for two years or more.

Natural Gas Hobs

This is really only for homes where Natural Gas is all ready being piped in. Usually the cooking is hooked up and it should just be a straight replacement.

Is gas cooking good?

At Your Local Plumber we love cooking with gas. Like us, it’s fast, controllable and efficient. Exceptionally good with young children as there is an immediate reduction in heat making it the safest option around.

The key drawback with this type of cooking is post-event. It can get a little pokey when trying to clean the surfaces, however with the sleek and flush gas hobs that are increasingly available on the market.