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Gas Hot Water can be divided into the following four main categories:


This is not a popular option in New Zealand mainly due to financial reasons. An externally exiting flue must be installed, and they tend to be less efficient than alternatives. However, if you do have an existing one, it’s usually cheaper to replace it than to install a whole new system outside.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate them 2/10.


While these require a bit of installation space and draughts to disperse flue gases, they are very efficient, have fantastic flow rates, are long lasting and look ok. They represent great value for money in both the installation and long term operating expenses.

Your Local Plumber are more than happy to recommend the Rheem [http://www.rheem.co.nz/gas-water-heaters/] range of Stellar water heating appliances.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate them 7/10 in the spectrum of Gas Hot Water and Storage ratings.

Internal Units

The most common ones Your Local Plumber install are the Rinnai internal unit. We feel they would be more popular if it weren’t for the rather expensive flue required.

This type of unit is excellent in that they can be located exactly where they need to be used. This reduces water wastage before the flow becomes hot. It loses marks for the over-priced flue.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate them 6/10.

External Units

Inexpensive to buy, long lasting, maintenance free, these units are amazing. At Your Local Plumber we’ve fitted well over 600 hundred units and, to date, have never had a fault with them.

Their primary advantage is no valves to go faulty. Specified to last 20-25 years, it only takes a few hours work to fully set them up – meaning you save on installation costs. The alternative of a cylinder requires one full day’s work along with additional valves and other materials.

Definitely your best option and at Your Local Plumber we would rate them 8/10.