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LPG bottles are a very popular option and will continue to be while the cost of getting a new natural gas connection to your property can be ridiculously expensive. (Call Vector to ask for a quote for the gas connection to your property.)

Unfortunately the big corporates that own the pipes often don’t subsidize the connection to your property. This means a bill for you of $5,000 to even $12,000! Clearly dropping an LPG bottle off once every few months is always going to be cheaper.

The main negative with LPG is that you’re limited to the size of your gas bottle. It simply isn’t practical to run a pool heater or a central heating system on bottled gas. Legally, if you want to have more than two bottles on site you are required to have a dangerous goods license.

However, LPG is perfect for small installations infinity, cooking, and small heating appliances.

Your Local Plumber will not only install the necessary appliances and pipe network for you, we will also organise bottle delivery. Yes, we’re that nice. Please call us today to arrange a site visit.