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At Your Local Plumber we undertake all variety of outdoor heating builds. If you have a BBQ or outdoor heating requirements for a patio or similar the best option is to retain the factory setup and run them on 9kg LPG bottles. The modification cost (changing them to run on Natural Gas or bayonets) produces no real benefit and therefore should be avoided.

Your Local Plumber have found that outdoor heaters in particular are subject to considerable elemental damage and general lack of maintenance. Most are lucky to survive five years. If this is likely to be the case with your setup, the less you spend on modifications the better.

The outdoor heaters that we have seen to be the most successful are the Rinnai overhead radiant heaters or specially designed gas fires. If you wish to invest in outdoor heating please call us. Your Local Plumber will come to your site, evaluate it and make recommendations based on your situation and budget.