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As with all household appliances, you should check efficiency ratings to determine if the option you are choosing, will in fact be a good one. At Your Local Plumber we would not recommend any heating appliances that are under 80% efficient.

There are two main types of flue heating: Point of Use heating and Central heating. As it sounds, Point of Use heating is one heater for one room, Central heating is one furnace and a ducting system for multiple rooms.

Point of Use heating can then be divided into Balanced Flued Appliances and Flame Effect Appliances.

Balanced Flued Appliances

This is where the heater’s rear flue is driven by a fan. This means the products of combustion are pumped outside and fresh air is drawn in through the second flue skin.

At Your Local Plumber we feel these are the best type of gas appliances you can buy, particularly the Rinnai range.

Additionally these appliances are usually very efficient at 80-90%. This means you get more heat for your money.

Flame Effect Appliances

This subset includes the use of logs and coals that made of a fireproof product for a ‘live fire’ effect.

These normally require a natural draught (i.e. chimney) that must terminate above the roofline for safety reasons.

These certainly look great and when combined with a fan can provide good heat. It is worth noting that these can be very inefficient, many only rating at only 60-70% efficient. In other words, 30-40% of your heat goes straight up into the sky.

Your Local Plumber would not recommend these due to their efficiency ratings.