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Acrylic Showers

Acrylic showers are the main type of showers being sold today and they provide excellent value for money. However, the main drawback Acrylic showers is their lifespan, after 10 years they look tired and can become hard to clean.

It is critical the right detergents are used to protect the gel coat, as once this is tarnished the product will be ruined. Acrylic showers also have a tendency to develop mould on beading around the glass.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate Acrylic showers at 8/10

Tiled Showers

These can be a good choice, but there are several key things to bear in mind when choosing this option. Like a European car, tiles can be expensive and it is essential to choose a style that is neutral enough to stand the passing of time (unless you’re prepared to redo the work as fashions change).

Tiles inevitably develop mould issues in their surrounding grout and silicone, however this can be mitigated by use of quality and correct products such as sealers.

Waterproofing of tiled showers is the most critical element. At Your Local Plumber we repeatedly see this done incorrectly. We recommend the installation of stainless steel shower trays prior to waterproofing. Eventually tiled showers will leak and by installing a stainless base you will eliminate this problem, helping you sleep easy forever.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate Tiled showers at 6/10

Shower Mixers

As these are always installed behind walls it is essential to buy quality. If these leak, it can be a costly exercise – normally because it takes a long period of time for the leak to be noticed, and then there is a large amount of work required to repair the damage.

Low Pressure Hot Water

A shower mixer made and designed in New Zealand is the only option Your Local Plumber recommends. Our top choice is Feltonmix, followed by Methven.

Mains Pressure Hot Water

As with low pressure systems, a good shower mixer is worth the money long term. Replacement cartridges are a false economy as they can be difficult to replace and therefore expensive to do. Mains pressure shower mixers from Europe and New Zealand are Your Local Plumber’s top choice. On the flip-side, we recommend our customers avoid Foreno or Aquatica products.

Shower Slide Rails

The selection of these are not so critical when fitting out your bathroom. They can be easily repaired and replaced.