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Your Local Plumber are authorized agents for Solar Peak Waikato (www.solarpeak.com). They are New Zealand based, have excellent ethics, stand behind their product. Ask us for more information today.

Solar power is definitely a big-ticket item and unfortunately you won’t get much change out of $8000, even on modest installations. However the benefits are on-going and well worth it in the long run.

Key points are to ensure a north facing roof section for best results, and to install a large enough tank to supply your household with water for 3-4 days. Living with solar water means that you get in touch with nature. If there is no sun for a few days then you may only be having warm showers.

Ideally, you would turn the power on as a last resort and this will help ensure you get a much faster payback on your investment.

An excellent option here is the use of a “Split System”. It is the preference of Your Local Plumber to install these. It’s where a heat exchanger uses a separate liquid from the storage tank. This stops the panels from getting full of lime scale subsequently reducing maintenance and replacement costs. We’d give it a 7/10.