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This is a huge area to cover. As Your Local Plumber mainly deals with plastic spouting and downpipes, this is what we will focus on here. If you wish to use colour steel about your home, then we recommend you talk direct with a continuous spouting manufacturer.

For PVC spouting we have found Marley [www.marley.co.nz] to be the best supplier of plastic spouting products throughout New Zealand.

At Your Local Plumber we favour the Typhoon Spouting style. This has external brackets and makes cleaning infinitely easier – no stupid over-brackets in the way. It’s also cost effective to install and is the ideal spouting for Auckland’s changeable conditions.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate them 9/10

Internal Fascia

Your Local Plumber would recommend that you never ever install this. Did we say “never ever” just to clarify it? It may look good, but experience has shown us it’s absolute madness to install spouting like this; it’s just plain difficult to fix, change and modify. The one thing it is good at is flooding into your roof space! This surprisingly is not what most people want or need.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate this a mere 1/10.


At Your Local Plumber we prefer the standard Marley plastic downpipes for moving water from the spouting to the ground.

Down-piping like this is not suitable for flooded situations and is not recommended for installing under houses.