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This is where the waterfrom the roof is piped to a holding tank. The name Storm Water Tank denotes the intention to reuse the water for household consumption.

Typically ground surface water is not collected for consumption, but can and should be collected and used for irrigation purposes. The reason for non-consumption is the extensive and on-going expense for the treatment required for safe drinking.

Designing Complete Systems Using Storm Water Tanks

Creating a complete system can be fraught with difficulty. However, you can rest assured that Your Local Plumber can manage the whole network for you. With us as one point of contact for multiple areas and tradesmen, Your Local Plumber will ensure all work is done to the best possible standard and you will save money and stress.

We will ensure all aspects are done; from ensuring your roof is watertight and sending the rain into your gutter and downpipes, and on through a pre-filter before arriving in storm water tank we’ve installed for you.

Your Local Plumber will then install a water pump and pipework to send your free water to the toilet, laundry and external hose-taps.

We can then connect these household appliances and ensure they are hooked into the onsite drainage and finally to the public sewerage system.