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This is an area that is growing all the time. At Your Local Plumber we think it’s a great idea – it is free, why lose the water and then have to buy it back.

It also helps to avoid overloading the public storm water system, which can add more pollution to our beautiful waterways making them smelly. The drive for self-sufficient houses is essential to ensure the on-going welfare of our environment; and, if it helps you save money in the long run, then it’s got to be a good idea.

At Your Local Plumber we have extensive experience with Storm Water Tanks and Pumps and we recommend doing the overall project in several stages as it can cost a lot to have a complete system installed.

Minimizing on-going maintenance should be a key consideration also. All up, you should be looking to spend around 8-10 thousand dollars.

A decent household system has to have storage of at least 5,000 litres, preferably 10,000. Otherwise in summer, when you need it the most, your tanks will be dry.

We will also install fully colour coded pipes so there won’t be a mix up and cross contamination in years to come.


Your Local Plumber recommends installing an interlinked system which means your tanks are also permanently connected to the town supply. This ensures there is always water in the tank and means pumps will not be damaged by running dry.

Nearly all tank installations will require the installation of a pump to ensure pressure is maintained throughout the system, so we recommend ensuring you get a good one.

There is a real art to choosing the right pump and you should only buy the smallest pump you can – capacity not cost. Buying a pump that is too big will cause various issues due to it continually turning on and off.

You will also need to install some form of filtration should you wish to use the water for anything other than garden use. Please see the Water Filter section for more information about pre- and post-filtration.

Water Tank Selection


If you are using the water for drinking then Your Local Plumber would always recommend concrete over plastic. The lime in the concrete tanks helps make the water more alkaline, and they will naturally stay cooler over summer.

Their key negative is difficulty when installing due to their heavy and bulky nature.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate Concrete tanks 8/10 for drinking use and they’re tough and will last forever.


Great for garden, laundry and toilet use; essentially areas where you are not drinking the water. If they are used for drinking water it can taste ‘different’ in summer when the water has spent all day warming up.

Light and easier to install than their concrete cousins, they also have a greater variety of shapes (especially the slim line tanks) which enable for easier installations.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate Plastic Tanks 7/10, especially if you can conceal them around the house.

Bladder Tanks

Your Local Plumber recommends installing these under decks and house. They are another excellent and cost effective option for those looking to save money in the long run.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate Bladder Tanks 7/10 also, particularly if the other options are not available to you.