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Back-to-wall Toilets with Concealed Inlet Valve

The Ferrari of the toilet range, these are an excellent option. They always look great and work very well. They also look tidy as the water inlet is fed directly into the cistern from through the wall.

The main drawback of these is that the screw system fastening the cistern to the pan. It always seems to come loose over extended periods. This is an inherent design flaw and not something Your Local Plumber can really safeguard you against.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate them 9/10.

In-wall Cisterns

While these can save space, look fantastic and minimalistic, they can be exceptionally difficult when it comes to future maintenance. This tends to be around the ten-year mark.

Unfortunately, plastic parts just do not last forever, nor does plastic moulding retain its shape. An additional concern is the difficulty in sourcing replacement parts. Generally these cisterns have to come out and be replaced. This is naturally a costly exercise.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate them 3/10 and generally advise against them.

Soft Closing Lids

These are great and work well. Very safe if you have small children who seem to always find toilets so interesting.

Where is the best place to purchase a toilet?

At Your Local Plumber we can sum it up in one saying; “What you pay for is what you get.”

We recommend you purchase toilets from reputable plumbing merchants. Avoid getting them from TradeMe, and large retailers like Bunnings, Carters, Placemakers, Mitre 10 or Geoff’s Emporium.

Unfortunately, these retailers are not experts in plumbing. The mass produced items they sell mean you tend to end up paying extra costs during installation and then for replacement items sooner than you will have hoped.

Sanitary products made from known brands are simply better. They are better engineered and have stricter quality control standards. There is a reason why you can’t find the cheap products at plumbing outlets. If the product was any good they would sell it.