Your water leaks can be quickly detected and fixed

Count on the  service and pipe leak expertise you will receive from Your Local Plumber for expert plumbing leak detection and pipe repair across Auckland.  We guarantee to find and fix your leak, or to provide you with further options and advice.  This can include a quote or estimate to cover the cost of any larger repairs that you might need.  

100% Guarantee To Find Your Water Leak or Provide Options 

Your Local Plumber are able to successfully locate the majority of external leaks we are called to detect.  Our equipment works best in quieter properties, and detection is fastest when carried out on standard 20mm or larger diameter pipework to locate leaks of over three litres per minute.  

Leaks in noisy locations, leaks on very small pipework and very small leaks can be difficult to detect.  There are occasions when we are not able to find your leak. If this happens we will provide a FREE quote or estimate to help you get the best results from any repairs needed.


Same Day/Next Day Service

Got an urgent leak? Let us help to find your water leak today.

Leak Detection: Sound technology can enable us to find leaks underground, under floors or behind walls. Your Local Plumber will work with you to get the best results from leak detection and repairs. 

Pipe Locator

To find the leak, you have to find the pipe.  One of the biggest challenges in  accurate leak detection is knowing the whereabouts of the pipework.  Your Local Plumber experts use sound technology, trace wires and cable traces to locate even the best hidden leaks.

Know before you dig!  Accurate leak detection can same time, labour and expense by avoiding the need to carry out unnecessary digging in the wrong places.

Your Local Plumber experts use  a trace wire to locate leaks in pipework.  This specialist equipment allows us to follow the line of the plastic pipe and accurately map the terrain of any leak using the trace wire.

Once your pipe is traced, we can listen, and detect your leak to the nearest possible section of pipework.

If your property has a shared driveway or is set on a very a steep section,  or if your water main is very long it may be difficult to locate the source of the water leak.    Our most specialist equipment is a cable trace.  There is an additional cost for this piece of equipment.

Our equipment is efficient, effective and reliable.  There is a small chance that the equipment may give false positive results as we rely on noise and frequency to locate the leak.  For best results, we recommend booking both leak detection and the pipe trace location procedures.

Cost of Leak Detection

Leak detection is charged at a minimum of $160+GST.  Charges apply per hour as set out in our pricing page. A three-hour appointment is recommended, which can include repair in some cases. You'll find details of all our charges in our Terms of Trade.

For all your leak detection and pipe repairs,  rely on our team of Master Plumbers to deliver excellent customer service.

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