Drain laying to cesspits and storage tanks

Whatever you drainage needs, at Your Local Plumber we are fully conversant in all Auckland residential and small commercial drainage projects. Due to ecological and ethical preferences we have a special emphasis on storm water reuse and recycling.

2 Year Warranty and Best Price Guarantee on Comparative Quote

2 Year Warranty and Best Price Guarantee on Comparative Quote

We have the latest equipment and qualified team to provide the complete service experience for your drainage needs. Your Local Plumber has a 2 Year Workmanship Guarantee and will match any comparative quote with our Best Price Guarantee.

Your Local Plumber can install a range of drainage options from cesspits to storage tanks. We are specialist installers of channel grates for pools, flush level drainage systems and undertake drainage repairs such as removing root infiltration.

We are experts at full cycle water systems – storm water from roof to tank, to pump and house, and finally out to waste again.

Your Local Plumber drainlayers specialise in:

New Drainlaying Work

This is where Your Local Plumber connects your system into the public network, normally undertaken after your designs passing council labyrinth of rules and regulations. Your Local Plumber will ensure all the necessary drain laying work is completed quickly. 

Your Local Plumber - Drainlaying

Your Local Plumber - Drainlaying


This is where ground water is intercepted within a tank, chamber or pit. This enables the solid matter settle before the remaining water enters the storm water disposal system.

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