Payment on completion either by Cheque, Credit Card or Debit Card, we would prefer not to take payment by cash, but will understand if that is your only option.

Progress payments may be required. (This usually only applies for medium to large jobs, see attached PDF of Terms of Trade for more details)

If you are not home to pay the account, the office may ask to take your credit card details.

Costs and Charges

For plumbing, roofing, drain laying and maintenance jobs, our charges $120.00 incl GST for the first hour. For gas fitting, our charges are $145.50 incl GST for the first hour. (there is a minimum charge of 1 hour) this includes up to 45 minutes work on site up to 15 minutes travel, any additional travel time will be charged out at the respective hourly rate (see below) + 70c/km after the first hour all time is charged in 15mins increments this amount is non negotiable.

After hours (holidays, weekends and after 5pm)

All labour is charge out at a minimum of $180.00 incl GST for the first hour this includes up to 45minutes work on site up to 15 minutes travel, any additional travel time will be charged out at the respective hourly rate (see below) + 70c/km

Hourly rate for all categories is charged at $120+gst/hour

Collecting Materials

Time is chargeable for collecting materials for your job, if we leave your job to collect materials then all this time is chargeable from the time we leave your site to the time we return.

Credit Card Policy

Refunds/Return Policy

We try very hard to ensure that our workmanship is to your satisfaction, in the unlikely event that there is a claim for a refund or overcharge please contact the office immeditately on 815 2240 or

* If there has been an overcharge or a double payment please send a PDF copy of your credit card statement to the accounts email above. * If you are unhappy with the work done, the quality of the workmanship or the price charged, you must notify the accounts email above within 15 days and you must put in writing everything that you are commenting about. Please state what you are unhappy with and the amount requested. You will be contacted promptly to see if this can be resolved. If this cant be resolved then the matter will be referred to a mediator for review through the disputes tribunal, upon their determination of the matter the funds will be released.


*If you wish to cancel work done and you have paid a deposit you must notify us within 72 days for a refund.

* A ten per cent charge is applied to all cancelations

*If less than 72 hours notice is given there is a 20% surcharge for a refund.

*If less than 12 hours notice is given then there is no refund.

* There is no charge to reschedule work.


All amounts charges are in NZD.

The owners are all sent terms of trade which they accept through our terms of trade policy

We try very hard to ensure that will reach you in the best condition. In the unlikely event that your order is damaged in transit, we will replace it – please provide suitable evidence (i.e. a photo) of any damage when you contact us.

Whilst we don’t provide refunds should you change your mind, if you are unsatisfied for any other reason, please do contact us and we will respond to you accordingly.