At Your Local Plumber our aim is to make every customer a repeating customer. 

With this in mind we have quality assurance policies in place to make sure we do our work to the best possible standard we can.

To do this we have done the following:

  • All our vans carry vacuum cleaners, broom, dust pans and drop cloths to help keep your home tidy.
  • We remove all rubbish from site or leave it boxed up for you to recycle.

If you ever come home and the place isn’t clean and tidy call us and we will be back as soon as possible to tidy everything. *Conditions apply: we don’t mop floors or do washing, we sweep and vacuum and take away all rubbish.

Our Workmanship Warranty

Your Local Plumber - 2 Year Workmanship Warranty.jpg

All our work has a minimum 2 year workmanship and parts warranty.

Generally though, we will still repair work for up to 3 years if it is obvious if it was poor workmanship.

Material Warranty

These are carried by the manufacturer and are anywhere from 12 months to 25 years depending on the product.

Quality Control

Your Local Plumber is a busy firm that do approximately 3500 projects a year. With this in mind a lot of our correspondence is by email. You will be sent an email schedule of when we are coming with a description of the work we are doing with the name of the tradesman who is doing the work.

After the work is done, our Quality Control will call or email the next working day to make sure the tradesman left the job tidy and that you are satisfied with the work.  It is really important you tell our QC team how the experience was with us. From this feedback, we improve and refine our service to the next customer.

If you are satisfied with the work we will invoice you for the work. If we can’t get hold of you by phone, we will email you and if there is no response to the email, we will send the invoice.

Invoice Follow-up

Our customer service team will generally follow up the invoice in a week to make sure you received the invoice and to check that everything is ok. If you have any concerns or comments this is the best time to raise it.

Repeat and Regular Serviced Work

For our repeat and regular serviced work our system has a booking service that reminds us what we need to do, this work is discounted as it is programmed, don’t forget to tell us if you have filters, gas appliances, gutters, drains, cesspits that need regular maintenance.  For serviced work there is no call out fee.

Weekends and After Hours Work

Your Local Plumber has a team of staff who are on call after hours. We have full access to plant and equipment and stock if an emergency arises. When you phone us it goes to our central call centre who then contacts the tradesman and then we will call you back and discuss the problem and the best solution over the phone.

We have a central centre to deal with our calls as we get a lot of customers calling after hours with queries.