Water Main Bursts and Breaks

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Water main ‘bursts’ or breaks are an expected operational occurrence in the water supply business. They happen on a regular basis, wherever water is supplied.

Unfortunately, water main bursts can cause considerable inconvenience to those impacted by them and can also leave damage to properties in their wake. Water main bursts tend to occur late in the evening or in the very early hours of the morning, when most people are sleeping. During that time there is little demand for water, causing a build-up of pressure in pipelines. This pressure can then put a strain on any weaknesses in the pipelines, causing them to burst. However, main breaks can and do happen at any time of the day.

Water trunk mains were built with a certain life expectancy in mind. Certain pipelines can be in service for up to 80 years. When they get to the end of their life span, they are replaced. However, unexpected bursts can happen to pipelines of any age. Reasons for this can include:

  • ground movement and soil conditions
  • weather events
  • unexplained corrosion.

Fixing a burst water main is complicated. This process can take some time depending on the location of the rupture, the time of day and weather conditions at the time. Your Local Plumber works with your local council to respond to and fix water main bursts.

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Your water leaks can be quickly detected and fixed

For expert plumbing leak detection and pipe repairs across Auckland, you can count on the satisfaction guaranteed service and pipe leak expertise you receive from Your Local Plumber.  

100% Guarantee To Find Your Water Leak Or Pay Nothing  

Conditions apply* see at bottom of page.

Same Day/Next Day Service

How we can help you today with your water leaks:

Leak Detection: We have the technology to find any leak, even underground, under floors or behind walls. Your Local Plumber will be there on-time. 

Cost of Leak Detections

Leak detection - $180.00+GST
Cable trace and pipe locator - $220.00+GST

Watermains Trenching & Drilling

Trenching Digger

Your Local Plumber have a 1.5 tonne digger so we can trench your watermain into the correct depth which is 300mm below the ground, this protects the pipe from accidental digging and keeps the water cool from heating up in summer.

The rates for hiring the digger and driver are $95.00+GST
The rate for hiring the truck and driver are $85.00+GST

Thrusting/Drilling Watermains

We can organise for a drilling rig to drill thrust watermains up to 200metres long.  This can be a very cost effective in certain circumstances.  There are some serious risks involved with drilling.  Normally when drilling it is because the property is a long way from the road and is down a shared driveway.

In shared driveways there are other services, gas, power, water, stormwater, sewer, telecom.  Whilst everyone does their best to locate these other services if they are hit during the process the homeowner bears the cost of fixing and reinstating the services. 

There is also the chance of hitting rock, if this happens and the machine can go no further then there is a minimum charge of $600.00 for the setup of the machine.  

Spoil Removal

We take away all excess spoil, concrete and dirt and we can reseed your lawn if needed.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Sometimes a tree or stump is right in the way of where the pipe needs to go, we can cut the tree down and organise for the stump to be ground out, we will then trench in the new watermain.

Trees and Water Leaks

Tree roots are amazing at what they can do to a watermain, they can twist and  bend the watermain into amazing shapes.  If the water leak is under a tree the best option is to divert the watermain around the tree.

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*1.0 Leak must be more than 3 litres per minute
2.0 We must be able to get our trace wire down the water pipe
3.0 Water pipe must be 20mm or larger diameter
4.0 Times of service 6.00am - 11.00pm