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Water Filters

Water is the source of life, pure water is known for its health benefits. This means water filters are a great addition to any household. If you live in Auckland, At Your Local Plumber we recommend you only need a carbon filter for your town water supply.

Carbon filters are primarily only good for taste and odour. These filters will also remove chlorine from water supplies.

If you are an Eczema sufferer, carbon filters can help alleviate symptoms. It’s a medical fact that skin responds well to the removal of chlorine, a mild acid.

If you are using a storm-water tank or similar for your drinking water, you are required by law to ensure it meets the National Health Standard. Generally your water needs to be tested, and you will need the following additional filtration:

A Coarse Filter – for large particles

A Fine Filter – to remove particles over 1 micron for Giardia and other waterborne diseases

A UV Filter – to kill bacteria. This enters your tank from bird, possum and rat droppings, along with other debris that finds its way into the tank.

You have nothing to lose by installing a water filter, except your health. At Your Local Plumber we give these a solid 9/10.

Waste Masters

A waste master makes excellent addition to any kitchen. At Your Local Plumber we believe the American made InSinkErators are so far above anything else on the market there really is no other brand worth considering.

In saying this, At Your Local Plumber firmly believes in composting and recycling organic waste back into the garden. Waste masters tend to put too much untreated waste into the public sewerage system, although this is still preferable to a landfill option.

At Your Local Plumber we would rate them 5/10.

Kitchen Taps

This is the one set of taps in the house not to scrimp on. Kitchen taps are used more regularly than any other household taps. It needs to be of reasonable quality.

At Your Local Plumber we currently rate the Methven Centique as the best value for money tap on the market and it will last 5-7 years no trouble.

Any tapware made in Germany is generally excellent with top quality use and the best warranties available. They may not have humour, but they sure can make a good tap.

Your Local Plumber cannot recommend installing a kitchen tap more highly, 10/10. They can be used for everything from washing dishes to drinking from.


Your Local Plumber are more than happy to install water supply and waste removal to these machines only. Regrettably fixing dishwashers is not an area of our expertise.

Water Fridges

Your Local Plumber can supply water connections to these fridges. Generally we prefer to install water filters for these fridges under the kitchen sink and then run a pipe to the fridge. This is for your benefit as unfiltered ice cubes taste bad when they melt and can really ruin a nice whiskey or gin and tonic.

Under-bench Boiling Units

These are becoming more popular in commercial and upmarket homes. Your Local Plumber are more than happy to install these, but you should be warned they are expensive to run and have a short life. Essentially you are running a kettle 24/7.

Under-bench boiling units tend to be bulky to install, so space within the kitchen is essential.

For commercial use, the units with a seven-day timer are best.