Leak Detection Experts

Several of our plumbers are also leak detection experts. Our team use acoustic and pipe-tracing technologies to find and fix water main leaks to give you the best of both worlds when the worst happens.

Water Main Replacement or Repair

Leak detection is not needed in every situation. Many water mains can be quickly and effectively repaired without our detection technology. Some homes, especially those with galvanised steel or black pipework (alkathene or black Dux) would benefit from a full water main replacement. Trust our team to replace your water main pipework from meter to house and rest assured there will be no leaks and no repeat repair bills for years to come. We can provide you with a no-obligation quote or estimate today.

High Water Bills?

Has Watercare notified you of a problem or has your water bill has gone up? If so, call our team and one of our experts will investigate outside and underneath your premises to try to locate the leak. Many leaks can be repaired at the initial visit or the same day if requested. We will advise you on how to ask for a rebate and talk through any repair options. Don’t stand by and waste water and money – talk to our team today.

See or Hear a Leak?

If you can see water outside your home or you can hear the sound of water flowing, you may have a water leak. Water outside the home can be caused by drainage, stormwater, groundwater or surface water issues. The source of a leak is not always close to the area in which you see or hear water. Let our friendly team take the guesswork out of problem water leaks by performing leak detection and investigation.

See more detailed information on Drainage.

No Water Supply?

If the fixtures in your home have a partial or total loss of water pressure or if the water isn’t coming out of the tap like it used to, you could have a leaking water main. Leak detection will help you identify the leak source and our team can quickly provide options for a rapid-response repair. Talk to us today to get your water back the way you want it.